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Week 4

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Exploring Edmodo and interactive quizzes


(Week 4: Feb 1 - Feb 7, 2016)





Helen Davies (France), Elizabeth Anne (France) Svetlana Obenausova (Czech Republic) 






By the end of this week you will have:

  • explored different tools to create online interactive exercises, quizzes, and surveys
  • created activities using some of these tools and shared them with the community using the Participants' Production Page and in your blog/wiki  
  • commented on exercises or quizzes of other participants in the Participants' Production Page
  • commented on the readings using our Google+Community




Task 1

  • Read about the possibilities of the tools in the Suggested reading below
  • Choose one or two interactive exercise makers (from the table below) and explore them. 
  • Choose other ones if you don't like your first choice
  • Create an  exercise using the tool you like
  • Post the link to your exercise in your slot of the Participants Production Page , you can also embed your exercise in your wiki or blog
  • Now you can explore another tool and create another exercise if you like. Remember to share your links with us through G+. 


Task 2

  • Create an account in Edmodo as a teacher and then join our class called ICT4ELT2016 using this code - (the code will appear here only at the beginning of week 4).
  • Solve the quiz and poll prepared for you in our Edmodo classroom as an inspiration for you 
  • Since you signed up to Edmodo as teachers, you can create your own quiz and check how other participants solved it
  • Solve some of other participants' quizzes and polls placed in Edmodo.



Task 3

  • Explore the software for creating online surveys and quizzes (from the table below)
  • Create an online quiz or survey for your students or for participants of this ICT4ELT session, and send it to others through G+ 
  • Post the link to your survey or quiz in your slot of the Participants' Production Page



Task 4 

  • Go to the Participants' Production Page and have a look at exercises or quizzes of other participants
  • Answer the survey questions in other participants' surveys 
  • Provide feedback to other participants. Place your comments in the slot provided to two or three of them, try choosing those that have not received feedback yet.
  • If you know other interactive exercise makers you are very happy with, you can share the links through our Google+ community - Tips from participants



Task 5

  • Read this week's readings (at the bottom of this page) and post your comments on the readings to our G+Community. 


Here are some useful tutorials to get you started 


  • Learning Apps - Choose the language of the tutorial by clicking the flag in the upper right-hand corner. And here is just one example of a possible exercise for inspiration.

 The easiest way to start with this tool is browsing apps of other people, choosing one you like and then clicking the button Create similar app. Then you erase the content and leave just the template of the exercise. You need to create your account to do that, of course. 






Tools to explore



Interactive exercise and quiz creators 

No registration needed, you need to download them though Registration needed
Eclipse Crossword [download] - great for printed worksheets, yet you can also create html exercises. 
Learning Apps highly recommended, easy to use and exercises look really good

Web Sequitur & Web Rhubarb [download]

(demo version is free)

Edmodo - you can create quizzes for your classes and see students' results. This can be done only once you create a teacher's account and create your own class there


Quandary  [download] There is a detailed tutorial above
More optional tools for those who want to experiment more:

Hot Potatoes  [download] There are detailed tutorials above with pictures and explanations

Educaplay It is very easy to create exercises here, just view some samples in their gallery and start your own. Their video quizzes are worth watching.  
   Quizstar you can create online quizzes for your students, these will be automatically graded
  Quizlet - you can use a large database of activities or create your own
  PhotoPeach quizzes

Online worksheets

No registration needed Registration needed
Tools for Educators  Worksheet Wizard

Online Surveys and Poll creators

No registration needed Registration needed
 Google account holders can create easy surveys through their Drive - you need to create a Form, as it is called in Google.
SurveyMonkey the best tool for your surveys
  Edmodo - you can create polls for your classes once you create a teacher's account
  Survey tools - a selection of 9 tools
  Surveys and polls - a selection of 10 tools






















I have....

  • explored at least one tool (interactive exercise, worksheet or survey)
  • created at least one activity with one of these tools and posted the activity link to the Participants' Production Page and in my blog/wiki
  • commented on exercises or quizzes of other participants in the Participants' Production Page 
  • commented on the readings using our Google+ community



To get a badge for this week, you need to

  • create at least one exercise using one of the tools suggested and place it in your blog or wiki 
  • create one quiz or survey (other than Edmodo) and place it in your blog or wiki
  • Please remember to place all the links to the Participants' Production Page
  • Create a quiz or poll in Edmodo 




Suggested readings 




A short note: HotPotatoes terms of use have changed:

"Hot Potatoes is now freeware. The complete version of the programs is now available for free, from the Downloads section . The free version of Hot Potatoes for Windows is version 6.3, and the Java version is 6.1."
"The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is freeware, and you may use it for any purpose or project you like. It is not open-source."




(This article focuses on this utility of the Internet. Some sites are presented where teachers can easily design activities and exercises online, such as quizzes, tests, puzzles or surveys, which require no advanced computer skills. Included are only those tools that are free for educational use for obvious reasons.)


A short note:

2 of the sites mentioned in the article no longer exist; one is Headline Makers:  lang.swarthmore.edu/makers/index;

when you click on the link you get the message: The server at lang.swarthmore.edu is taking too long to respond.

You can find the old site here and a new one here


The other is Trackstar; the link takes us to a site about Online Casino and Gambling; the present site is:




Looking for more inspiration?





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